Doctor Days ~ Because Every Toy Needs a Little Mending


How to teach children to sew

My daughter and I have a new activity. We call it Doctor Day! Over the past few months we have noticed quite a few of her stuffed toys have needed a little TLC like mending and cleaning. So, we have now implemented Doctor Days to help these toys out. You would have thought I told her we were going to Disney Land. She is SO excited when it is Doctor Day! My 6 year old son thinks it is fun, but so far it has not been his toys that we have been saving. I bet he will be more excited when it is one of his toys that need bandaging.

Doctor Days are a great opportunity for me to teach my children how to mend/sew a little, while teaching them the importance of taking care of their belongings. They are definitely more concerned and look after the toys that have been mended in our office.


What You Need:

  • Toys, clothes, anything that needs a little mending
  • Necessary mending supplies (needle/thread, duct tape, etc)
  • One or two very eager helpers


Step 1: Gather “hurt” toys and clothing that need mending.

Step 2: Set up a specified day to be Doctor Day. We picked Wednesdays and only open our office on that day if there are patients to be cared for. AND we try to only do 2 patients a day or my young ones loose interest.

Step 3: Get to work and make sure to involve your office helpers. It’s a great hand eye coordination activity as well as teaching some useful life skills.


teaching children responsibility

If we can keep this up, I may have to create little Dr. coats (Dad’s old white church shirts) and Dr. masks for them! Can you see how much fun you can have with this?



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