The Flour Game {Group Games}

This is a fun game that is great for groups and super easy to put together. I also created a video for those who like visuals.


Supplies Needed:

  • Flour
  • Coin
  • Cup (measuring or regular drinking cup)
  • Pan with low edges (jelly roll pan will work perfect!  – the plate in the pictures was a little small)
  • Butter knife or dull edge knife


Step 1: Pack a cup firmly with flour so that when you tip it over and carefully remove the cup you will still have the cup shape. We have used a regular water cup, but we used a measuring cup in the picture below. Carefully add the coin on top. How to play the flour game {Group Games}
Step 2: Each player will cut a portion of the flour off one time per turn from the top down. How much is cut off is the risk of the player.The Flour Game {Group Games}

Step 3: The player who knocks the flour “tower” over needs to seek out the coin with their nose! This is where the fun really happens.

Watch The Video



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